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The Challenge Coins I’m looking for

When I initially started the hobby there was very few Canadian challenge coins available. In the last few years the interest for Canadian challenge coins has increased and a lot more are available now.

As passionate as I am about collecting it’s not always easy to get the coins you are looking for. I created this page hoping that some collectors will have access to the coins, mainly RCMP, that I’m looking for. 

Here are the types of challenge coins i might be interested in Buying or Trading:

  • Any RCMP challenge coins not in our collection.
  • Provincial Police Forces coins not in our collection such as coins from the Sûreté du Québec and the Ontario Provincial Police.
  • Canadian municipal departments challenge coins not in our collection.
  • Any rare or unique challenge coins

I also created a list of coins that I’m currently looking for (below). This list will be updated regularly. If you own any of those coins, I would definitely be interested in getting in touch. You can send me a message by using the contact form on this page.


Want to trade or sell your coins?

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    More specifically, here’s a list of the challenge coins I’m looking for at the moment: